What do I win/get for participating? 

  • Finisher’s ribbon 
  • The top 3 in each age group win an award
  • The top 5 teams in the Open Division and the Women-Only Division win awards
  • Commemorative Kickstand Classic cotton tshirt
  • Complimentary Revolution Brewing Beer
  • Electronic chip timing with race results including total time, average speed and age group place

Can I volunteer at the event? 

Yes! Kickstand Classic relies on volunteers before, during and after the event. There are a wide variety of positions available, and we will work with you to find the most rewarding use for your talents and available time. Visit the volunteer page or contact volunteer@activetrans.org.

Is this a race? 

The Kickstand Classic is a unique race designed to be enjoyed by riders of all skill levels. Each rider will be timed, and age group awards will be presented at the end of the event. Your overall age group place is based on the times of participants in each of the three waves. Teams can also register and compete for awards. Finish the race at your own pace and watch your time in the standings at the end of the day. 


Do I need a racing license? 

This race is not affiliated with any other racing organization and no license is required to participate. If you have a racing license, we recommend that you register for wave I (Speed Demon) to ride with other experienced racers.  

 Do I get USA cycling points or qualify for anything by participating in Kickstand Classic? 

Kickstand Classic is a unique racing format that doesn’t currently qualify for USA Cycling points. However, it remains a unique opportunity for experienced racers to do what amounts to a 19 mile time trial, and it’s a great stepping-stone race for beginners and would-be racers. 

Is drafting allowed in the Kickstand Classic?

Drafting is permitted only in the Speed Demon Wave. 

Can I ride with my child? 

Kids in child seats, trailers or tag-alongs are now permitted at Kickstand however you will be placed in the back of the pack. You must be mindful of your surroundings and other racers. Our motto is: "If they pedal, they have to pay". Children 15 and under are allowed to participate in the Sunday Funday wave and will not be timed. They must be accompanied by a parent. Please select the child option during registration.    

Do I have to register twice if I am riding with my child? 

You do not need to register for both waves. Simply register for your preferred wave and remove your timing chip from your seat post before taking part in the Sunday Funday wave.






Will my race time qualify me for other bike races? 

This race is not affiliated with any other racing organization and finishing times will not be used to qualify for any future races. 

 What if I can’t finish the race? 

You can choose to stop at any time. You will still receive the lap times for the ones you have completed. If you are unable to finish the race due to a breakdown of your bicycle, our volunteer SAG drivers will be able to pick you up along the course and help you return to the start area. 

I’m not sure how fast I can ride? 

You don’t have to know your speed before the event, that’s what our timers are for! The average healthy person will ride between 10 and 12 miles per hour, and would likely finish the 10 mile course in about an hour, the 14.5 mile course in 70 to 90 minutes, and the 19 mile course in a little under 2 hours.  Faster riders would finish in less time. Experienced riders can reach speeds approaching 25 miles per hour on straight-aways. Reference our wave descriptions and take a guess at which wave will be best for you. If this is you first time riding your bike for a longer distance, or with a group, we would recommend wave III (Sunday Funday).  

Can I ride an electric assisted bike?

You can ride an electric assisted bike but you will not be eligible for awards and must register for the Sunday Funday wave only.

Our Cause – Charitable Proceeds

How does this event fit into the mission of Active Transportation Alliance? 

We want to get more people biking!  Just as running races inspire people to run more, we think the same will be true when average cyclists get the opportunity to bike race.   


Do I Become an Active Trans Member When I Register? 

Not automatically, but if you're not a member, we sure wish you would join! You can choose a registration option with membership that allows you to save when registering for the event and joining or renewing. Learn more about the many benefits of membership.






Who Benefits from The Kickstand Classic?

Unlike many other athletic events in Chicagoland, The Kickstand Classic is fully produced by and benefits a local nonprofit organization. The Kickstand Classic is produced by and benefits the Active Transportation Alliance (Active Trans), Chicagoland’s voice for better biking, walking, and transit.
Active Trans is a member supported advocacy organization. We have been making cycling better throughout the region for 30 years. Learn more about our mission and work and consider becoming a member when you register or online at www.activetrans.org

Why Should I Become a Member of Active Trans?

Members are the momentum we need to build a movement around biking, walking and transit. We envision a region where there are half as many crashes - because half the population gets around on foot, by bike, and on transit. You want safer streets and more bike lanes and trails. We need more members to make that happen!

As an Active Trans member, you receive the Chicagoland Bike Map, discounts at local businesses and events, and we'll keep you informed and engaged through our newsletters and volunteer opportunities. Join by registering for the Kickstand Classic and select the add-on option for membership to save $5 on the event.