As with any Active Trans event, your safety is our priority. We know this a first time bike race for many of our participants and we are thrilled to have you out with us! We want you to ride safe while enjoying the experience, start to finish. Please use the following safety resources to help prepare for the first Kickstand Classic.

Preparing for the Ride

What do I need to ride? Just a bike you feel comfortable on, a helmet that fits, a water bottle, and a can-do attitude!

All participants are required to wear a helmet. Learn more about how helmets work, and how to make sure your helmet fits properly.

Pro Tips:

-          Make sure to stretch your hips after any bike ride.

-          Eat well a few days prior to Kickstand Classic and remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

-          Do the A-B-C Quick Check on your bike a day or two before

-          Do a good stretch set the night before, and in the morning before you ride

-          Eat a balanced breakfast with whole grains and protein the morning of the race

-          Give yourself ample time to warm up

Training and Cycling Clubs

Recognize your limits and know when to take a breather. You can learn more about what your body can handle by properly training. Consider joining one of the many beginner to advanced ride groups and meetups throughout the region, getting together with friends, or riding on your own!

Chicago Cycling Club – Monday Training Ride: Intro to Training Rides

Spider Monkey Cycling – Weekend beginner and intermediate, Tuesday night ladies only

Windy City Cycling Club – LGBT+ cycling club. Beginner-advanced group rides

The Chainlink- Various group cycling themed groups

Course Instructions and Rules

- More experienced racers will get priority at the start line. If this is your first time racing please line up behind the first few rows of racers.

- Drafting is only allowed in the Speed Demon wave.

- Bikes that have bull horn aero bars are not permitted in the Speed Demon wave. The shifters cannot be on the ends of your aero bars.  You can ride with your aero's as long as they are capped, no shifters. 

-Maintain a safe distance from other cyclists.

-Pass on the outside. Slower traffic keep inside.

Proceeds benefit the nonprofit Active Transportation Alliance. Learn more about our work to make bicycling safer and more convenient throughout the Chicagoland Region.