Some helpful tips on forming and joining your Kickstand Classic Team

A team is made up of a minimum of 4 participants; They must all compete in the 19- mile course; awards are based on the fastest average time for team. 

How does a team differ than an individual participant?

You ride as a (4+ person) unit rather than as an individual. Pick a team name, schedule some training rides, get into the spirit! 

Is there a “Relay” component to participating as a team?

No. You just register together and ride. Some teams will stay together for the entire ride and some separate as they cover the course. Both options are perfectly ok!

How are winning teams determined?

Teams with the fastest average speed wins. The top 5 teams in the Open Division and the Women-Only Division will be awarded.

Can I pick any distance and still participate in a team?

We ask that all team members register for, and do their best to complete the 19 mile course.

What is the best way to create and join a team during the registration process?

First the team captain needs to select CREATE a team during the registration process. Once that is done, the rest of the team members can go register.

When registering, they should select “Join a team”, search for the team name, and select the correct team.


*Pricing is per person…not per team.

*Please select the 19 mile course.

Proceeds benefit the nonprofit Active Transportation Alliance. Learn more about our work to make bicycling safer and more convenient throughout the Chicagoland Region.